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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  September 28, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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this morning commuters have a lot of the to be thankful for as road restrictions are lifted. >> tragedy for a local teen overnight, cure off -- curiositr machinery left himy crushed to death. >> let's go over to david murphy with weather and karen rogers has the commute. >> reporter: we have a dry start, we'll get early sunshine in and clouds and sunny breaks. most of the rain is tracking out by pittsburgh, chance of a spotty sprinkle. 63 in allentown and reading. 64 in wilmington. 67 in sea isle city. wind not all that strong. if you're heading out to get into the car or catch the bus, 63 by 8:00 a.m. as we roll through the afternoon, 78 degrees by noon,
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the high today is 83 degrees, clouds and sunny breaks. it is going to be warm and humid again feeling like summer for a couple of hours this afternoon. we have a front coming in over the next 48 hours is going to bring us much-needed rain. i'll have that coming up, karen. >> reporter: looking live at the schuylkill expressway spring garden, the schuylkill expressway is open in both directions. i just watched two minutes ago as police left the scene. vehicles are able to travel all the ramps on the schuylkill expressway also reopened. we can see there are flashes lights, restrictions on spring garden street. the off ramp and on-ramp, the schuylkill expressway itself all reopened. vine street expressway open. people can travel we're seeing the cars once again. they cleaned you mean fast. we can see penndot on the scene. i talked to the state police they said while they were in the process of opening the ramps on the schuylkill expressway, it's going to be take a little longer
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on the vine because they don't want people bumping into sanitation crews. the parking lot is reopened. as far as so-called traffic box that we had three-quarters has reopened. they started around 12th and spring making their way to 23rd. three-quarters is reopened. that means we have some septa bus detours, matt and tam. >> gotcha, karen. thanks. a massive cleanup of the benjamin franklin parkway is underway, some say it could take up to a week. >> wow, katherine scott is live on the parkway with details on how it's looking. >> reporter: good morning, matt and tam, crews have been working since the papal mass ended. there's a lot of work to be done. if you look along the parkway at 18th street. the cleanup is underway there are pallets of water piles of them on the sides of the road
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the jumbotrons are still there, they are located around the parkway. on 18th street it was a little ways down the street where a security checkpoint was yesterday. those metal detecters are no longer there, but there's a lot of work to do. the security fencing that went up, must come down, they have to take down all the barriers from the weekend. as that is happening we're seeing more and more roads opening back up. some of are open, but there's a lot of ground to cover. penndot opened 76. the vine street expressway is open, but some of the ramps are closed. there's trash pick up around the area. there's a lot of debris left behind from the huge crows we saw in the city and along the parkway. by way of traffic we're mainly seeing fork lifts and different equipment driving along the parkway. every now and then we see a vehicle that has made its way
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through here, if you find your way into the parkway area. you want to use caution because there are still crews and work being done on the streets. there's a police vehicle positioned there. there's a lot of work being done here, it's not a drivable area at this point. the crews are out and been out all night and making progress. hopefully we'll see more and more roads open back up. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you, katherine. now, the ben franklin bridge is open after being only a pedestrian walkway all weekend for the pilgrims coming back and forth to see pope francis. >> trish hartman is live at the base of the bridge on the philadelphia side, how are things looking right now, trish? >> reporter: matt, they are looking good, vehicular traffic is opened both ways on the bridge. carl's coming across the bridge from new jersey, volume is picking up. we initially heard the bridge was going to open at 4:00 a.m.
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officers say it opened at 2:00 a.m., a couple of hours ahead of schedule. every now and then we see one or two cars hesitate and pull over saying is it open? officers are trying to keep the traffic moving, yes, it's open. this is a different scene from last night folks all weekend were making the mile and a half walk over the bridge. officials say the accelerated opening should allow for a normal commute for those trying to get to work. as for septa, the regional rails are opening on a saturday schedule today. some septa transit bus detours are in effect as the cleanup continues. patco is using a special schedule. if you use public transit check the schedules before you leave. if you use the ben it is open to traffic. live on the ben franklin bridge
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trish hartman channel 6 "action news." >> now, before pope francis left the parkway yesterday his motorcade made a stop at a police that is very close to his heart. the pope visited the knotted grotto where he was greeted by sister marry of project home. people put 100,000 stipulates of paper to the grotto that bear the troubles of those who wrote them. they are request from the virgin mary the undoer of knots. >> he asked us to pray for him and, of course, we asked him to pray for us and bless the knots. an excite the group of volunteers at saint joseph's university watched the pope and were eager to show us all the cell phone pictures they took of the holy father. head to for a completely wrap up of all the papal events and find out when all the rest of the traffic restrictions will be lifted. >> new on "action news,"
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homeland security is involved in an investigation dealing with two suspicious men arrested during the pope's visit. police say the men were i am period of time -- impersonating national guardsmen. no word if police found anything suspicious. we're following the story if more information is coming in. of the. >> dry and changes? >> reporter: yes, rain is coming. trafficker double scan we have though rain rain this morning wh the post-papal commute. there will be clouds around this morning, but i could see early sunshine before the clouds get thicker later in the day. 66 degrees in the city. not too bad, a little cool. winds light east-northeast at 5 miles per hour. as we look at future tracker 6, doesn't look like we'll get a lot of rain today. mostly sunny skies, we'll have a
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nuisance shower not a big deal. 74 degrees by 11:00 a.m. of course you could get some exercising done early. we see the numbers climb. 2:00 p.m., 82 in philadelphia. the high today is 83 degrees around 3:00 p.m. plus, it will feel more humid today, we have not talked about that pattern in maybe a couple of weeks, that's how it will feel today. 80 in reading, 81 in trenton. 82 in wilmington. 81 in millville. down the shore upper 70s. 77 in cape may. up the coast to atlantic city. there's a strong risk of rip currents on the water. not that i felt you are swimming post lifeguard season, not a good idea we'll see the rip currents relatively high in the next couple of days. tomorrow, early in the morning sprinkles and showers possible. in the afternoon, a little bit more of that, for the now the
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model is suggesting it's in the northern and western half of the region. because a cold front is sitting out to the north and west and pushing into our direction. overnight into wednesday morning that's when the front gets closer a wave of low pressure moves in and it does look like we'll get hit with decent rain, one two inches. the question is how long does it last? it could come down pretty good tapering off hopefully for the phillies and the union playing the u.s. cup match at ppl mark. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, warm and muggy, mainly dry 83. tomorrow, showers possible at times, high of 83. wednesday we're starting out wet and staying on the wet side under mostly cloudy skies, high of 74. hopefully the rain lessens in time for the evening. behind the front which stalls nearby we'll get the cooler air
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in behind it, we'll get highs in the 60s, thursday and friday, with lots of clouds in place and showers here or there. only saturday up to 66 another shower possible, but i could see some sun coming back, on sunday we are dry again, 68 degrees, hopefully we'll get beneficial rain this coming week. >> we neat it. >> -- we need it. >> coming up on "action news," a curious teen place around with with fork lift and gets crushed to death. >> reporter: schuylkill expressway is open in both directions and city avenue is open we're feeling the love. >> coming up annual -- an argentinian family who traveled to see their hometown hero that's coming up.
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ll fine.
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it tastes delicious and has 50% less calories. >> welcome back you're taking a live look at the action cam there inside philadelphia international airport. here at 5:43 they are up and at 'em you can see people in line and trying to get on the flights. our photographer said there's a little bit more traffic than usual, it depends on what airport in you're in. if you have an international flight get there three hours early and domestic flight, two hours ahead of time. >> it's nice to have a little bit of breathing room on the roads. >> reporter: we had a lot of breathing room the last couple
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of days. but people are saying we we we o get back to work. this is linden avenue. the schuylkill expressway is open, the off and on-ramps are reopened. the vine street expressway is reopened. some of the ramps are shut down. the benjamin franklin parkway is shut down, that will continue to be for a while. the ben franklin bridge is reopened. 676 in new jersey and the admiral wilson boulevard have reopened. things looking better right there. i want to go over the regional rails, today is running on a saturday schedule. all the stations are open. that's better news, someone was asking me this on twitter. the broad street line, 5, 15, city hall stations are open and back to normal. everything is reopen like the vinyl. we have a tiny weather issue, a little bit of fog, 1.3 in toms
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river, 1.5 in millville. it's kind of warm and muggy. 61 in quakertown and saint davids. 66 in center city. 65 in ewing. 62 in hammonton, 63 in dover, delaware. heading up to a partly sunny day, 83 degrees is the high, tam. >> thank you, karen. the. new only "action news," a 13-year-old is dead after a freak accident involving a fork lift. police say the incident happened before 9:30 p.m. on comly street. according to investigators the teenager was playing on the forklift about friends when he was crushed to death. no word if anyone will be charged with his death. a 5th person has died after being injured in last week's collision between a bus and duck boat. dozens were injured when the duck boat swerved into traffic.
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the vehicle involved in the crash did not get a broken angles fix the. the owner has suspended operations until all the vehicles have been inspected. >> portions of a backdrop collapsed at a campaign event for republican presidential candidates carly fiorina. she was speaking to the national association of women business owners in san antonio when the line of curtains fell. the incident drew screams from the crowd, but nobody was hurt. another political our side side -- outsider continues to gain ground with trump. third place, marko rubio and carly fiorina. the poll has the democratic side tightening, as well. hillary clinton leads bernie sander by 7 points. a family travel 13,000 miles to see pope francis in philadelphia and they got the
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meeting of a lifetime. the pontiff spent time with the family. the family spent 6 months driving up in their 1980 volkswagen van which broke down several times along the way. she said it was like meeting an old friend. >> a touching moment. >> 5:47 more "action news" is coming up. pope francis gets a special gift from inmates in the prison in the holmesburg center. >> reporter: a tropical depression has formed in the atlantic. it will become a tropical storm later tomorrow and becomes a wave of low pressure down the coast south of us later in the week. we'll track that for you, in the meantime, i've got the day planner forecast next.
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dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. >> hello.d whether pope francisd prisoners at the correctional facility in the city's holmesburg section. he shook their handles and gave them blessings and gave out hugs. the prisoners showed their gratitude by presenting the pope with a chair they fashioned themselves. we showed you the process when they started it. there it is, the pope gave a thumbs up and salt down and gave -- sat down and gave it a thumbs up. >> reporter: this is i-95 we have the closures, as you can see right now with penndot on
5:51 am
the scene, the ramp to the vine street expressway is shut down, even though the vine is reopened. you can't go to the vine street expressway at this point. we see crews out there blocking everything. they've in the process of reopening the rambles -- ramps as it comes. this is the boulevard as you head southbound toward the schuylkill expressway. what do you know? you can get on the schuylkill expressway there. the schuylkill expressway is on the part of in both directions, the on and off ramp is open. >> reporter: always -- as nice as it was to have the pope in town, it's nice to get things back to norm. we can look forward to that when the dnc comes to town next summer. we have temperatures in the 60s and this afternoon, it's summer all over again. we'll be climbing out of the
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upper 60s and this afternoon 83 and humid. >> a florida woman faces charges for riding the back of a sea turtle and scheduled to appear in court this week. police in florida was looking for stephanie moore since july. the charges came after photos appeared on snap chat. of. >> an update on "dancing with the stars," a reality star has gone home to recover after suffering a mini stroke. she hopes to go back to the show. 11 couples are on the show. one couple was eliminated last week. "dancing with the stars" returns tonight at 8:00 p.m. on 6abc. >> 5:52.
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she also prescribed lyrica. fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. live look here, the action cam at philadelphia international airport, undoubtedly a lot of people are heading back to their hometowns having come in for the world meeting of families. the airport telling you to allow extra time, don't go an hour before your flight, two if you have a domestic flight and 3 if you have an international flight. philadelphia schools are still off because of the world meeting of families. a sinkhole opened up on a
5:56 am
queensland beach forcing dozens to flee. there were no reports of injuries. it is not the first time the area experienced a sinkhole. back in 201 a similar size hole opened up nearby. president obama is at the united states for the general assembly. he will meet with russian president putin. it comes as russia gets involved with syria. complicating u.s. efforts in the middle east. putin has criticized the u.s. support for syrian rebels. >> a georgia couple said their two sons came at them with deadly force, yet they say they forgive them. they were attacked in their upscale georgia home earlier this month. the mother said the sons were trying to kill them. how do they get to forgiveness?
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robin roberts has the exclusive interview on "action news." coming up on 5:57. tesla is expected to unveil a much-anticipated new vehicle this week. to the surprise of dozens of local college students, the pontiff made a stop on a a local campus that's coming up at 6:00 a.m. more kids are suffering from asthma
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and we still have no limits on carbon pollution which can lead to more asthma attacks in children but senator toomey has voted repeatedly to let polluters keep releasing unlimited carbon pollution into the air. and took more than one million dollars from the polluters. tell senator toomey to vote for the clean power plan, because unlimited pollution shouldn't be a right.
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but playing outside should be. for me. >> that was amazing. and his wave. love that. that's what's making news this morning in america. >> stay with us for "good
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morning america." have great day. glrm good morning, it is 6:00 a.m., monday, september 28, here's what's happening. >> the ben franklin bridge is open with other traffic restrictions being lifted for the morning commute. >> cleanup goes on on the benjamin franklin parkway where hundreds of thousands of people gathered together for a papal mass. >> police in montgomery are looking for masked men who were involved in a home invasion that left one person wounded by gunfire. >> let's look at accuweather and traffic traffic. david's the accuweather and karen has the traffic. we should remind you philadelphia public schools are closed today. >> reporter: all right, guys we're off to a cool start. looks like we'll get sunshine early and as you look at satellite we'll fill in with a decent amount of cloud cover as we go through the day. there's very little pr


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